About my flamingo shop


“Curiosity is not a bad thing.”

If you are here, it is because you want to know more about us. And that’s perfectly legitimate. So why don’t we start by telling you what really makes sense to us?

At MY FLAMINGO SHOP, we defend a state of mind Cool, Fun & Relax.

More concretely, it consists in offering you the best flamingo clothes, jewelry and accessories on the market in the effigy of this state of mind. 🦩

And since customer satisfaction is our priority, this necessarily includes a quality service. To be more clear:

🦩 My Flamingo Shop is Cool. We give you the opportunity to please and to please YOU. 😎 That’s what’s most important to us.

🦩 My Flamingo Shop is Fun. Since we only have one life, we might as well make the most of it! So you have a choice (and we’ll dwell on this a bit):

– Continue to consume excessively, pile up clothes and accessories in the wardrobe to never take them out again; you knew not to buy the latest pair of pumps at 300 balls that is trendy, that you will try 2 or 3 times before they disappear at the back of the closet. 😥 Let’s stop the unnecessary spending, and choose a style that fits us and will last over time.

– Give meaning to the word “purchase”. But you don’t know where to start, and that’s okay considering how the shopping world has gone to hell. And the routine of everyday life won’t change that. Life is meant to be fun, so let’s play! 🤩 Our items are for the most part playful, even funny for some. Add to that a touch of benevolent decoration that lifts your spirits… Here we go: here you are reboosted to the max!

🦩 My Flamingo Shop stays relaxed. No stress, everything will be fine. 👌 remains in interaction with you, not to “spam” you, but to guide you. A problem to bring to our attention? He will be happy to accompany 

Helium Balloon Flamingo Pretty Woman | My Flamingo Shop

Stop stop stop, Flamingo minute! Who is Amelia?

Amelia, nicknamed the “pumped up” flamingo, finally showed up and gave a real boost to our project. 💪 Most importantly, he’s here for you:

🦩 It answers all your questions! Need a particular precision on a product? is there to help you!

🦩 She keeps a “flamingo blog” that he considers his own Gazette (Yes yes, Mister is showing off a bit). What could be better than a living flamingo buoy to talk about his own species?
We’re not going to lie to you: the creator of Amelia is the My Flamingo Shop team! We already know what you are wondering: who is behind all this?

Surprise (or not), we are not Flamingos.

My Flamingo Shop, it is initially a young passionate person of nature which on a blow of madness decided to assemble its own store. As any entrepreneur, it had difficulty to launch itself. He had to face the reluctance of his entourage and his own doubts, alone as a big guy. 💪

Really alone? No! He was subsequently able to surround himself with a solid and competent team in order to bring this somewhat crazy project to fruition.

A daring woman who launches a Flamingo shop… “But you’re crazy!” some people told her. So what? The keys that pushed him to take action are however obvious:

🦩  When you’re passionate, it’s bound to be easier.

🦩  She defends a state of mind that corresponds to her, and inevitably it motivates thoroughly.

🦩  Responding to legitimate needs that make sense. And it went way beyond simple market research.


Ah yes right, but why see life in Pink Flamingo?

🦩 To meet the trend of the moment, namely Flamingo accessories and decorations. And trust us, it’s set to last!

🦩  Give meaning to what we wear on ourselves: that’s why the vast majority of our clothes are made of Organic Cotton and made in the USA. Not to mention the ecological ink, used to print our pink flamingo patterns. Until the end, we think about the details.

🦩 The will to build a solid and committed brand. My Flamingo Shop is not just a simple internet shop; we want to go further, much further. Our ambition? To act for the preservation of biodiversity, paying special attention to our favorite bird. For now, it’s just a project, and it’s easy to put these words on a blank sheet of paper. But it won’t stop there, I promise! You will be the first to know about the progress of this project.


Okay, and now eye to eye: what are you doing?

We’re thinking 🤯

The idea of the “Flamingo” 🦩, it didn’t come on a flap of the wings when flying out of the nest. From the beginning we asked ourselves the right questions, and our thinking quickly turned to the interest that people have for these pink feathered animals. We then asked ourselves what potential customers really wanted in order to better satisfy you.

By the way, if you have any recommendation to make, don’t hesitate: everything happens here. Last time I checked, the flamingo doesn’t bite. We are open to any proposal. Taking requests into account is part of our salesman DNA 😉


We work 🧐

Once the request is identified, we go through several steps:

🦩 Our team ensures the feasibility of the request. Specifically, we check if we can sell products that are both of high quality and properly meet the needs of the users.

🦩 We only partner with the most serious people. Indeed, we choose only the best suppliers, that goes without saying. As soon as we have a doubt, there is no point in jumping on a product, even if it is relevant. As soon as the green light is given, we check well that stocks are sufficient to meet a growing demand; indeed no pink flamingo article must be missing to satisfy you!

🦩 Our team makes the product available. This is the stage where the big maneuvers begin. First, we write the description of each product as precisely as possible, so you know everything.

Then, we make a checklist to make sure that everything is in order. Finally, we put everything online, and that’s it!

So no, it’s not quite finished…

Photo with Pink Flamingo Buoy

At first, we start with few products 😉

The tote bag, it is not our credo. What’s the point of putting everything on the table if we’re not even sure it all really works?

By starting with small collections (about ten products), we save ourselves a lot of trouble in the beginning. So don’t be surprised to see “small” collections.

Each new collection is followed up. If it meets your expectations, we add new products.


Thank you for coming here to learn more about us. If you have taken the time to read this page, it means that you are ready to take flight! Now it’s up to you to write the rest of the story. 🦩

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