what sound does a flamingo make

What Sound Does a Flamingo Make?


Want to know everything about the call of the flamingo? 🦩 Know that you have landed in exactly the right place! 🤗 If the video above has already given you a nice illustration, you’ll go from complete neophyte to confirmed birder in 5 minutes. The name of the flamingo’s call is “the grunt.” It is very similar to the noises made by geese. But depending on whether it’s flying or eating, it doesn’t make the same sound.

The Different Sounds of the Flamingo

Depending on its activity, the pink flamingo produces different sounds. For example, it does not make the same noise when it flies and when it feeds. We will see all the variations together. 👌

#1 When it Flies


In-flight, the beautiful wader produces a sound very similar to the chatter of geese. We can detect by ear those syllables “ka-ha” coming out of its beak. He repeats this grunt over and over again. It is very rare that he is silent when he is in the air. Mainly because he needs to communicate with his mates.

#2 When He Feeds

When he eats, he is much quieter. But he is not silent for all that. The bird song he produces is very soft. It sounds like this “kuk-kuk, ke-kuk”. We are aware that it is quite difficult to imagine. So for you to get a better idea, feel free to listen to the soundtrack below 🙂

The Role of Shouting in Social Communication

The pink flamingo is a very sociable bird. From morning to dusk, it is in the company of its faithful group. It is therefore important that it can easily communicate in order to pass on certain information.

We can for example compare the sociability of the pink flamingo with that of the bear. Indeed, the latter also growls: its famous “grizzly cry” aims at intimidating its entourage.

Although most of the messages are transmitted by gestures, cries still play a very important role. Let’s analyze that! 🤗

#1 Indicate the Food


Flamingos feed exclusively on mollusks, crustaceans, and shrimps. All these good things are found in the water. So our bird has to make the effort to put its head in the water to track down what it’s looking for. Fishing this way is not easy. This is why their fishing strategy is based on communication.

When a pink flamingo finds a good vein, he doesn’t play cheap. He warns the other members of his group. How does he do that? With the help of his cry of course!

#2 Indicate the Direction of Flight


The flamingo is said to be a “partial migratory bird”. This means that some members of the group move during the fall, while the others stay put. When these birds migrate, they travel only at night (and exclusively in groups of course). In a single night, they are able to travel up to 600 km! 😲

You can imagine that to accomplish such a feat, their communication protocol must be flawless. Well, surprisingly not so much! The communication is not very elaborate but it is still very effective. It simply consists in making as much noise as possible so that the birds can follow the group more easily.

How to recognize the cry of the Flamingo?

You are walking near a lake and you hear birds singing. But how do you know if it’s a flamingo or something else? Well, we’ll teach you.

The BirdGenie Application

It’s amazing what technology allows us to do today! 🤩 With this app, you’ll be able to identify any bird just with your smartphone. It works exactly like music with “Shazam”.

You just have to record what you are hearing and the program will do the rest of the work! The tutorial below will give you a more concrete view of the application. 👇

Accustoming your Brain

Do you prefer to be close to nature and you do not like to carry a phone when you walk? This is just the thing! 😁 A true birder never needs a phone. Just like anything else, recognizing a bird’s call can be learned. To finally know how to identify the call of the pink flamingo, there is no secret.

You have to get your brain used to hearing it. Watch flamingo videos regularly. This simple habit will be more than enough for your learning. After a few days, you will be able to associate the noise you hear with flamingos!

Become a Flamingo!

There you go, you know everything now. 🤗 We sincerely hope you enjoyed the reading. Now that you know the “flamingo cry”, have fun trying to replicate it!

But even if you know how to mimic the call perfectly, you’ll have a hard time blending in with the other flamingos. Don’t forget to visit My-Flamingo-Shop.

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